Kuwait collar vs. Saudi collar: which Thobe collar to choose?

When looking for the perfect Thobe, the choice of collar is an essential consideration. Two popular options are the Kuwaiti collar with 1 button and the Saudi collar with 2 buttons. In this article, we’ll explore the specifics of each collar and help you choose the one that best suits your style and personal preferences. Get ready to dive into the world of Thobe collars and discover the subtleties that make each style unique.

Special features of the Kuwait collar

Let’s start by focusing on the Kuwait collar. The Koweiti collar is known for its refined, contemporary look. With a single button placed in the center of the collar, it offers an elegant, streamlined look. This collar style emphasizes the neckline and creates an impression of subtle sophistication. The Kuwait collar is often favored for formal and professional occasions, where it adds a touch of class to your outfit. It can be worn with or without accessories such as aghal or ghutra, depending on your preference.

Special features of the Saudi collar

Let’s explore the particularities of the Saudi collar. The Saoudien collar is distinguished by its more traditional, casual look. With two buttons positioned on either side of the collar opening, it offers a classic, timeless look. This collar style recalls the cultural origins of the Thobe and is often associated with an authentic look. The Saoudien collar is suitable for a variety of occasions, from informal to semi-formal. It can be worn with a neatly folded ghutra for an elegant, distinguished look.

Differences between the two collars

The differences between the Kuwaiti and Saudi collars lie mainly in the aesthetic they create. The Kuwaiti collar offers a sleek, modern look, while the Saudi collar evokes a more traditional, relaxed atmosphere. These variations offer an opportunity to choose the style that best suits your personality and the occasion for which you’ll be wearing your Thobe.

It’s important to consider your personal style, the occasion and the aesthetic you wish to project when choosing between the Kuwaiti and Saudi collar.

In conclusion, the choice between the Kuwait collar and the Saudi collar will depend on your individual preferences and the effect you wish to create with your Thobe. The Kuwait collar offers a modern, streamlined look, ideal for formal occasions, while the Saudi collar adds a traditional, relaxed touch, perfect for more informal events. Make your choice according to your own style and occasion, and get ready to look elegant and impeccable in your chosen Thobe.

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