Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha : the two major holidays of Islam

Eid Mubarak - Arabic calligraphy

Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha : the two major holidays of Islam

As the end of the year approaches, people start celebrating various holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. However, Muslims have different practices when it comes to commemorating these traditional Western holidays . Here’s a look at common questions about how Muslims celebrate major holiday events.

The golden rule regarding festivals in Islam

In a hadith, the Messenger of Allah said that Allah established two holidays for Muslims. These are the two days of Eid mentioned above. Therefore, believers who celebrate other celebrations go against the precepts of Islam. Especially since some of these festivals have pagan origins. And within the Umma, certain innovations have even appeared over the centuries, such as the mawlid An-Nabawi.

The best Muslim menswear for special occasions

On these two major holidays, Muslim men wear a white thobe, as recommended by the Messenger of Allah. Indeed, in a hadith, he declared that these are the best garments

Can Muslims celebrate Halloween?

Muslims avoid celebrating Halloween because the holiday has its origins in pagan and Christian beliefs that do not align with Islamic teachings. Witch, ghost and vampire costumes are considered inappropriate. Additionally, excessive treats and scaring others go against Muslim values.

However, some Muslim qfamilies let their children dress up for Halloween, as long as the costumes are modest and not too scary.

Do Muslims celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a Christian holiday marking the birth of Jesus, whom Muslims recognize as a prophet but not as the son of God. Muslims therefore generally do not celebrate Christmas or participate in Christmas traditions.

Gifts, Christmas trees, Christmas carols and other Christmas customs have pagan roots that Muslims avoid. However, some Muslim families exchange gifts and eat meals with Christian friends and relatives during the holidays to connect with their communities.

What do Muslims celebrate instead of Christmas?

The most important holiday in the Muslim calendar is Eid. This occasion takes place twice a year. Eid Al Fitr marks the end of the month of Ramadan while Eid Al Adha takes place during the Hajj.

Do Muslims celebrate Thanksgiving?

Believers living in America do not celebrate Thanksgiving due to its deep roots in Christian beliefs and American colonial history.

Do Muslims celebrate birthdays?

Early Muslims did not celebrate birthdays due to their potential pagan origins. But today many families celebrate birthdays, which is unfortunate.

Do Muslims celebrate Easter?

Muslims regard ‘Isa as an esteemed prophet, but do not believe that he was resurrected, which is the basis of Easter. Additionally, many Easter traditions have pagan origins. Believers therefore do not celebrate Easter religiously.

why they don’t celebrate christmas ?

Christmas celebrates the birth and divinity of Jesus, which goes against core Muslim beliefs. Many Christmas customs, like Christmas trees, have pagan roots that predate Christianity. These pagan and Christian elements make Christmas a religious holiday in which Muslims avoid participating.

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