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Moroccan thobe

In Morocco, as in many other countries of the Maghreb, the wearing of the proper attire, the thobe, is important. More of a culture than a rule, the men, and women of this country are committed to the task. The Moroccan thobe has several types. Depending on the setting and circumstances, it can change.

Traditional Moroccan thobes

Traditional Moroccan thobes are usually made of light fabric and are worn by men on formal occasions. They have a long, straight cut and may be embellished with embroidery. Although they are often found in white, it is possible to see the black Moroccan thobe.

Moroccan dresses are worn with black silk trousers, a belt, and sandals. The sandals are made of leather, but they can also be made of fabric. The thobe is worn with a shawl for protection from the sun and a brightly coloured scarf or “hijab” to respect religious rules.

Moroccan women wear skirts made of light fabric and long tops, which are decorated with traditional embroidery in the “taznakht” style. Traditional Moroccan women’s clothing is also called “djellaba”.

Modern Moroccan thobes

In recent years, the thobe has undergone a certain change in style in Morocco. While the traditional one is still commonly seen, especially in rural areas, a new breed of more modern ones have appeared in the cities.  These Moroccan thobes are usually made from lighter fabrics, such as linen or cotton, and usually have a slim fit. They often feature trendy details such as contrasting seams or graphic prints.

Morocco thobe men is called a dishdasha in the country. It is a long, loose dress, worn with a turban or scarf. The dishdasha is traditionally made of thick fabric, such as wool, which makes it warm for the cold Moroccan winters. However, many dishdashas are now made from lighter fabrics such as linen or cotton, making them more comfortable for the warmer seasons.

Moroccan women’s clothing is called a kaftan. It is a long, loose-fitting dress made from a heavy fabric such as silk. Kaftans are decorated with rich embroidery and delicate details. They are worn on special occasions, such as weddings.

Luxury Moroccan thobes

Luxury Moroccan thobes are made from the finest fabrics and materials. Designers take the time to create a perfectly fitting thobe with careful detailing. The wearer feels more confident and elegant.

Moroccan thobes for parties

There are many types of thobes for parties, worn in Morocco. The most common is the white one, which is worn by men of all ages. This does not exclude the black Moroccan thobe.

The thobe for parties is usually made of cotton or linen and is often decorated with embroidery. Other popular choices include the red thobe, traditionally worn by married men, and the blue thobe, which is worn by young men.

Moroccan women wear a variety of outfits depending on the event. At weddings, they wear brightly coloured dresses made of silk or cotton. On the other hand, during more formal events such as parties, they wear thobes made of brocade fabric decorated with gold patterns and sequins. The headdress worn in Moroccan culture is called a “ghutra”. It can be white or black, and is traditionally worn by married women.

Moroccan sports thobes

There are many types of Moroccan thobes, but those worn for sport are made of a light fabric such as cotton. They are loose and comfortable, making them ideal for physical activity.

The sleeves are often shorter than on traditional thobes, and the hem may be slightly higher to allow for a greater range of movement. Some also have handy pockets for carrying small items such as keys or a phone.

Moroccan work thobes

There are several types of Moroccan work thobes, each designed for a specific type of work. The most common type of work thobe is the coarse wool one, which is worn by peasants and field workers. It is possible to observe some people wearing the moroccan hooded thobe.

Another type of working thobe is made of finer wool, and is worn by craftsmen and other skilled workers. This type of thobe is usually blue or black, and is decorated with intricate embroidery. Finally, there is the silk thobe, which is worn by rich merchants and other wealthy people. This type of thobe is brightly coloured and decorated with gold or silver embroidery.

Moroccan thobes for ceremonies

Moroccan ceremonial thobes are made of thick fabric and decorated with embroidery. They are worn on occasions in many colors. The black Moroccan thobe, the white, and many other colors can be observed. It is even possible to wear the Moroccan thobe uk.

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