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The abaya, a traditional women’s garment from the Middle East, is gaining popularity among Muslim women. This long coat, often black in color, covers the whole body except for the face, hands and feet, and is increasingly worn by Muslim women around the world who want to affirm their religious and cultural identity.

What is an abaya? Breakdown

Why are so many Muslim women adopting this loose robe today? First, the abaya represents a way to express one’s spirituality and feel connected to one’s roots. In a Western society that can sometimes lack understanding, wearing the women’s abaya recalls a sense of belonging to the global Muslim community.

Moreover, the abaya constitutes protection: it hides the contours of the body from view and allows women who wish to not draw attention to their physique. In a society still very focused on appearance, the abaya thus frees women from the dictates of fashion and beauty symbols.

But beware, the abaya is not just an austere religious garment! Today, fashion designers compete in creativity to offer elegant, stylish and modern abayas. Gone is the uniform black, make way for colorful, embroidered, lace or silk abayas. Some even offer short and body-hugging abayas for special occasions! However, our ethics push us to offer only loose and wide versions. This way, we can guarantee compliance with the Quran and Sunnah for believers, provided that you wear a khimar with this garment, one of the most fashionable variations of the Islamic veil currently.

Abaya for women: the discreet and elegant must-have for Muslim women

The abaya has also adapted to the hectic lifestyle of American women. Practical and comfortable, many models are designed in ultra-lightweight stretch fabrics to move freely. Some brands also integrate multi-function pockets to discreetly store phones and keys.

Ultimately, whether one seeks to affirm one’s religious beliefs or simply feel at ease, the abaya seduces more and more Muslim women. Modesty rhymes here with elegance and style! So why not adopt this practical, comfortable garment connected to your moral values and religious beliefs?

The right to conform to one’s beliefs

In the 21st century, everyone should be able to act freely, according to their personal beliefs. Freedom of belief or non-belief is part of the universal individual rights. Yet, in some societies, wearing the abaya fuels much debate.

No matter what, stay true to your principles by favoring clothes loved by Allah and His noble messenger. To this day, the thobe remains the faithful companion of the Muslim community’s men. As for women, they have the possibility to choose from many garments.

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