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The khimar is an emblematic islamic veil worn by Muslim women to cover their head and chest, while leaving the face visible. A strong symbol of Muslim culture, this shawl holds considerable importance in the eyes of believers. At Mens Thobes, we take pride in offering you a selection of elegant and trendy models.

Beyond its religious dimension, the khimar is now part of a strong fashion trend. Many ready-to-wear brands specializing in Muslim fashion now offer collections at the cutting edge of the latest trends.

The Khimar, an Islamic Veil of Great Importance

The term “khimar” literally means “veil” in Arabic. It comes from the Arabic root “kh-m-r” which means “to cover” or “to veil”. This word is also found in verse 31 of Surat An-Nur in the Quran, where Allah commands women to “draw their veils over their bosoms.”

There is a subtle difference between the khimar and the jilbab, another type of Islamic veil. The khimar refers to the veil worn on the head, covering the face, neck and chest. As for the jilbab, it is a long dress that covers the whole body.

Despite claims from some Muslims that wearing the veil is not a religious obligation, the Quran and Sunnah leave no doubt as to the obligatory nature of this injunction expressed by Allah Himself.

Mens Thobes is also a store selling khimars

Our store offers a wide range of trendy khimars. Here a collection combines tradition and modernity, with models made from noble materials and inspired by classic veil standards.

Our khimars consist of a band that elegantly wraps around the head and can be paired with an abaya for a complete look that conforms to your deepest religious convictions.

Our online Muslim store brings a breath of fresh stylistic air to this Muslim garment by playing with colors. Each models also stand out for the care given to the finishes, with refined topstitching and golden embroidery.

Find the khimar that suits you among our many variations. Some stand out for their simplicity, while others meet specific needs. Have you ever considered a carrying khimar, designed for new mothers?

Mens Thobes built its reputation on selling thobes for men. But our ardent desire to meet all the clothing needs of the Ummah pushes us to constantly push our limits. From now on, we also have clothing for Muslim women. And our collection is not limited to the khimar, far from it !

Embody Elegance Without Compromise

We are convinced that modernity and modesty can be combined. Our khimar collection is perfect proof of this! Indeed, this legislated veil offers you the opportunity to embody elegance without being extravagant.

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