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Omani Thobe

What would you say if a piece of Oman was brought to you in the UK ? Discover the Omani thobe and get the authentic Omani look! An Omani jubbah with beautiful details that will give your Islamic clothing for men an original touch…

What is an Omani thobe ?

The Omani thawb is the traditional garment of the Sultanate of Oman. Omani people are more likely to call it a dishdasha. It is a very long and large tunic that covers the whole body, from the neck to the ankles. Men wear it with a traditional hat called kumma.

It is inspired from the Sounnah, since Omani thobes are very much like Qamis. These Muslim clothes that look like robes are present in all the Muslim countries.

What does an Omani thobe look like?

Traditionally, it is white, with long sleeves and a light fabric. But now, Omani thawbs are often colorful, with bright colors and have short sleeves too. The most popular fabric for Omani jubbas is satin. Its particularities are its small tarboucha which falls on the side and its embroidery. They are located around the closure, around the collar and at the bottom of the shoulders, at the back of the Omani jubba. The tarboucha is a small cord with fringes, with a various thickness.

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