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Black thobe

Do you know what is even more elegant than black? A black thobe! Combine the most distinguished color with the classiest Islamic garment for men…you’ll get the black jubbah, a must-have piece in the Muslim wardrobe.

Black thobe : the essence of elegance

The charm and purity of a beautiful white thobe are no longer to be proven. However, a little originality doesn’t hurt from time to time. Stand out with a bold and definitely irresistible black thawb. Black thobes have that little extra something. They catch the eye while hiding the imperfections; bring charisma and an incredible presence.

Black has the advantage of refining the silhouette and making you look slimmer. It is a color that suits any skin tone. It is definitely the color of elegance, classiness, sobriety, luxury and refinement. But also, let’s face it, it’s much less messy…

Black thobe : Sounnah with a little twist

All Muslims know that thobes were the favorite clothes of the beloved Prophet. It is an act of worship to wear what he liked to wear. However, there is nothing wrong with adding your own style, taste and touch to your outfit. Black thawbs allow you to be modest, traditional, elegant and modern at the same time.

Discover all our black jubbas collections

Just because everything is black doesn’t mean everything has to look the same! Check out all our beautiful men black thobes and see for yourself.

From the Saudi thobe to the Emirati thobe to the Kuwaiti thobe, every piece is unique. The embroidery, the collar, the sleeves, the pockets, the more or less flared cut, the buttons… Each element of the jubbah is sublimated by the black color, which reveals in all discretion the beauty of the details.

Find the black jubbah that will make you the most elegant, both for everyday and for special occasions.

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