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Perfume oils

For centuries, musk has been one of the flagship ingredients of Oriental perfumes. An expensive and hard to procure raw material, perfume oils with a strong evocative power continue to fascinate contemporary perfume makers. In this category, find a wide selection of fragrances, all as sublime as they are mysterious.

Musk and perfume oils: two king ingredients of Oriental perfumes

Musk has been for centuries one of the flagship ingredients of Oriental perfume oils. Expensive and hard to procure raw materials, these mysterious substances with a strong evocative power continue to fascinate contemporary perfume makers.

Musks correspond to secretions from a gland located on the belly of the musk deer, a small cervid living in Central Asia. To obtain them, the deer is not killed but simply shorn. After drying, the musks form brown-blackish lumps with a characteristic animal, urinary, warm and sensual smell.

Rare and precious, real musk is one of the fixatives and basic ingredients of traditional Oriental perfume oils. It provides depth, balances compositions, fixes volatile notes and gives a velvety effect to fragrances.

Musk: the different formats of perfume oils

Today, natural musks have been largely replaced by synthetic molecules recreating their properties. We can distinguish in particular synthetic musk, an aromatic construction of the laboratory, and synthesis musk which is a conformal chemical copy of the natural molecules. However, some houses persist in working with noble and authentic ingredients.

Perfume oils come in different forms in perfumery. Musk absolutes are obtained by extraction using organic solvents. Essential oils or musk essences are produced by steam distillation. Finally, the oils are made by macerating the lumps in an odorless vegetable oil.

Among the most coveted variations is musk tahara. It owes its reputation in particular to its use by women to perfect their intimate hygiene. Moreover, among its names, we also find the intimate musk.

Perfume yourself while respecting the animal cause

A few drops are enough to create a diffuse and prolonged effluvium that enhances the sensuality of the epidermis. Their fixing power allows other volatile notes to reveal their most intimate wake.

Today, perfume oils raise ethical issues related to hunting and cruelty to deer. Animal welfare organizations reject the use of the natural version and prefer synthetic alternatives. Defenders of musk recall that harvesting is done sustainably without killing the animal.

No matter, musk remains a fascinating raw material, bearing a millenary cultural and sensory heritage. Your Muslim store therefore proposes to make you share its passion for good scents.

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