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Beige Thobe

The beige thobe are among the most appreciated by consumers. Why ? Simply because beige is a color suitable for all seasons and easy to wear. Not too flashy, beige is both a way to go everywhere and make a good impression.

Undoubtedly one of the favorite colors of Muslims wearing thobes. It is a staple of any Muslim man’s wardrobe, a must have and a safe bet for any occasion.

Beige thobe: A modern thobe.

Tradition dictates that most thobes are white. However, the traditional Muslim dress is highly widespread and modernized at the same time. This is why it is not uncommon to see a Muslim going to pray with his beige thobe in the streets of London.

Those looking for a sober outfit will find what they are looking for with a beige jubbah, an item that stands out for its simplicity. This piece is a safe bet for your entire daily life.

Thawb beige: Suitable for all seasons

There are colors that we like to wear in summer other special fall or winter. However, the beige thobe stands out because it is appreciable in any season. So do not hesitate no matter the season to proudly wear your beige jubbah.

Discover all our beige jubbah collections

Just because everything is beige doesn’t mean everything has to be the same! Take a look at all of our men’s thobes and see for yourself:

– Emirati

– Saudi

– Pakistani

– Kuwaiti

– Moroccan

– Omani

And also for all occasions with our wedding and luxury thobes

Each country has its own way of appropriating the Sunnah, mixing its codes with its cultural heritage. That’s the beauty of Muslim men’s fashion.

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