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Whether you call it thobe, jubbah or even thawb, this Muslim cloth is a must have for Muslims men. Indeed, mens thobes are the ultimate Islamic clothing for men. Inspired directly by the Sunnah of our beloved Prophete, it represents modesty, tradition and elegance. jubbah for men are perfect for prayers, Eid, Jumuaa or everyday wear. Looking for mens thobe in the UK? You’re at the right place!

The ultimate Islamic clothing

The jubbah for men has been associated with the Sunnah of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad ‘alayhi salat wa salam. Indeed, the texts report that it was the favorite garment of the Messenger of Allah. So, Muslims men today wear it, in imitation of their beloved.

In addition, this clothing respects, among other things, the conditions of modesty imposed by our religion. In fact, it covers the awra and allows you to pray and go out while being decently dressed. Likewise, it allows you to embellish yourself without being a garment of ostentation.

Thus, millions of Muslims nowadays love to put on the outfit that makes them look like the Messenger of Allah. It is still the preferred item of clothing for special occasions such as Eid or weddings. But of course, it is also perfect for wearing on the daily !

Mens jubbah, combining Sounnah and elegance

Our Qamis for men are designed for those who want to feel elegant while sticking to the tradition. Who said it was incompatible?

Wearing the Sunnah can be synonymous with beauty, class and refinement. thawb clothing will not only make you look like the noblest of men, salla llahu ‘alayhi wa salam. It will also give you allure and presence.

Qamis truly materializes the appearance of dignity, modesty and righteousness. It can also be a way to proudly wear your cultural heritage and honor your roots!

Jubbah from everywhere

Each Muslim country has known how to appropriate Sunnah in clothing. It now mixes with the folklore, customs and tastes of the places it has reached. How fascinating and beautiful!

To give you examples, the Saudi jubbah is often white, with long sleeves and a rigid mao collar. The Pakistani thobe, on the other hand, is short (mid-thigh) and more colorful, matched with a loose trouser. The Emirati thobe is usually satin, with signature embroidery on the chest. The Omani thobe, for its part, has a simple round collar and a kind of fringed cord attached to it. The Morrocan jubbah is not even called a jubbah, but a djellaba! It is light, cotton, often striped or embroidered, and it sometimes has a pointed hood. You got it; every single Muslim place has its own way to follow the prophetic tradition, even in fashion.

We have selected beautiful jubbahs for you, from several different countries, with a wide choice of models. Discover the different styles of mens jubbah:

  • Omani
  • Qatari
  • Emirati
  • Pakistani
  • Moroccan
  • Saoudi
  • Kuwaiti

Each jubbah has characteristics that make it unique. From the cut to the sleeves, through the collar or the embroidery, find your own style!

And if you want you can also search you favorites jubbah by color !

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