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White thobe

What’s more beautiful than a pure white thobe ? The simplest yet the most elegant of all thobes, without a doubt. It is a staple of any Muslim man wardrobe, a must have and a safe bet for any occasion.

White thobe : an Arab tradition in the UK

Although it has been around for a long time, the white thawb, also known as white jubba or white jubbah is a garment that still manages to appeal to Muslim men. After conquering the hearts of Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Kuwait, the white thobe is about to seduce the UK.

Those looking for a sober outfit will find their happiness with a white jubbah, an item that stands out for its simplicity. This piece is a safe bet for any occasion.

The white thobe is a traditional Muslim garment that allows all men in the Muslim community to preserve their modesty. This garment originally comes from Arab countries. However, its popularity has allowed it to cross borders to travel all around the world.

White thawb : the Prophete’s favorite outfit

Do you know that by putting on a white thawb, you are performing something that is found in the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah may Allah pray on him ? Indeed, the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, informed us that white clothes are among the most beautiful outfits.

We have a large selection of models. Dress just as the Messenger of Allah may Allah pray on him did, as well as his Companions. We thus give you the possibility to follow the prophetic tradition, at least from a clothing point of view. If you love him, dress like him!

Discover all our white jubbah collections

You can find a large number of white thobes at Mens thobes. Omani, Emirati, Saudi thobes, among others !
For each of the events of the year, treat yourself to the white thobe that suits you. Marriage eid or circumcision, having a quality white thobe is essential for every Muslim.
However, if white is not your favorite color, and you prefer to opt for black, you can also discover the black thobe category.


Mens thobes is proud to be able to offer you one of the largest thobe catalog in uk and usa. Fast delivery times and quality always at the rendezvous. So don’t hesitate any longer and wear the prophet’s favorite garment.

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