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The thobe is an essential part of Saoudi national dress, and is worn by both men and women. In the past, the thobe was only worn by men, but lately it has become more popular among Saoudi women as well. The thobe is a practical and comfortable garment, perfect for the hot desert climate of Saoudi Arabia. This unique category of clothing is made up of several types of garments.

Traditional thobes : the Saoudi jubbah and more

The traditional Saoudi thobe is a long, loose fitting garment that covers the entire body. It is usually white or cream, and may be decorated with embroidery or other ornaments. The thobe is often worn by Saoudi women with a headscarf and sometimes a veil over the face. It is also worn by men in some parts of the country.

The Saoudi thobe is made from a variety of fabrics, including cotton, wool, and polyester. It has a simple cut, with long sleeves and a rounded neckline. It is frequently decorated with embroidery or simple stitching around the neck and sleeves.

The traditional Saoudi thobe is usually made of lightweight cotton or linen. This type of fabric is perfect for the hot desert climate of Saoudi Arabia. There are several types. The first is “Al-Jubba”, it is made of linen. You can wear the Saoudi jubbah in summer and spring.

The second is “As-Subh”, which is black and made of pure wool. You can wear it in summer and autumn. The third one is “Al-Qummuq”, it is made of wool and cotton. You can wear it all year round. The fourth is  “Al-Athar”, which is white and made from pure wool. You can wear it in winter and spring.

Modern Saoudi thobe

There are many modern Saoudi thobes. The first is the “thobe al-asiri”. This is an Arabic garment that is characterised by its simple and somewhat austere cut. It is the most commonly worn thobe in the Asir region. It is typically made of white or off-white cotton or linen. Furthermore, it is worn by both men and women.

The second is the “thobe al-riyadh”. It is distinguished by its slimmer, figure-flattering cut and the fact that it is usually made of finer materials, such as silk or wool. The third is the “thobe al-jouf”. It is usually made of silk or other traditional Japanese fabrics, and is worn by both men and women.

The fourth is the “thobe al-hijaz”. It is characterised by its ornate and very rich embroidery, which is often done in gold or silver thread. The fifth is the “thobe al-sharqiya”. This thobe is the most elaborate and lavish of all thobes, with its very wide sleeves and rich decoration. It is made from the finest materials and is intricately designed.

Saoudi thobe for special occasions

For special occasions, several Saoudi thobes can be worn. They are adorned with embroidery and luxurious details and can be made of thicker or thinner fabrics. The Friday Thobe is a long, loose thawb that can be worn in a variety of styles. It is a very elegant garment that represents the tradition of Saoudi men in their prayer times.

Next comes the Eid thobe which is shorter. It is worn in celebration of the Islamic Eid. Finally, the Hajj thobe is also a special garment. It is a white dress worn by pilgrims during the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca. This dress is worn to show humility and simplicity before Allah. To these can be added the Saoudi thobe uk and the Saoudi tawb which can be worn at festive events.

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