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Emirati Thobe

If you are looking for an Emirati thobe in the UK, you are at the right spot. Combine elegance and classiness with a touch of tradition by choosing the perfect thawb. Find the Emirati jubbah you’ve always wanted and get the authentic Emirati look!

Emirati Thobe: the elegance of the United Arab Emirates

This Islamic clothing for men has a long living story behind it. It originated from the Sounnah and has been worn for centuries by Muslim men. Traditionally, it is white, with a light material since the United Arab Emirates are located in a very hot place. We can easily say that the Emirati thobe is a heritage that belongs to the Prophete Muhammad, may peace be upon him.

What does an Emirati thobe look like?

In general, this type of thawb has a straight cut, quite tight on the chest. But slightly flared on the legs, which makes your movements easier. We recognize this very special jubba thanks to the embroideries on the chest: they form a kind of V. In addition, Emirati thobes generally have long and ample sleeves. Nevertheless, there are some variations in this Sunnah garment:

– Long or short sleeves: it’s up to you to choose what suits you best;

– With or without collar: the collar immediately provides a more fancy effect, but the “collarless” is perfect for everyday use.

The pockets, the type of closure on the front, the satin or matte material, the colors… In our shop, you will inevitably find something to satisfy all your desires and match you style!

Why Mens thobes is not just the place to buy your Emirati thobe ?

Emirati jubbas are not the only model that exists. Check all the thawbs we selected for you:

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We bring Islamic tradition and Arab culture to the UK through the finest Sunnah clothing!

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