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The embroidery thobe draws on an ancestral heritage to reveal its modernity. This oriental tunic revisited by the meticulous work of embroidery never ceases to seduce with its refinement.

The embroidery thobe : when tradition becomes elegance

The thawb originated centuries ago in the Middle East and South Asia. A long tunic worn by men and women alike, it symbolizes modesty and sobriety.
The embroidery thobe, with its goldsmith’s craftsmanship, elevates this traditional garment to the level of a contemporary work of art. In particular, the embroidery delicately integrates the fabric to sublimate it.

Embroidery thobe: a precious craft

Arabesques, stylized flowers or a play of pearls, each embroidery reveals a unique savoir-faire. Some houses perpetuate the tradition of handmade embroidery for the sake of authenticity. Others combine machine and traditional embroidery for a sophisticated look.
Whether by hand or machine, the embroidery on an embroidered qamis magnifies the wearer. They add the touch of refinement that makes this garment a timeless piece. If you are checking for a thobe to your wedding, let ‘s go see this category

Beauty without tradition

In addition to their aesthetic sophistication, embroidery thobe are extremely versatile. Its fluid, resistant fabric, often in cotton, voile or silk, offers comfort and freedom of movement.
It can be worn on its own as a tunic, or paired with a sarouel for a more contemporary look. This variation of the thawb is equally at home in a casual or formal wardrobe.
A skilful blend of authenticity and modernity, the embroidery thobe prove that tradition rhymes with elegance. It crosses the ages with grace and refinement. At Mens Thobes, quality prevails over everything else. So dress in the Sunnah of Allah’s messenger !
Some consider it a cultural garment, while others see it as part of the Muslim tradition. Whatever the case, the most important thing is to respect the moral values of our religion.
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