Saoudi Luxury – Original – Japanese fabric C3


Hand-sewn by our tailors in the United Arab Emirates because quality is essential to men’s thobes.

A very good quality Japanese fabric.

By buying this thobe you are choosing a garment that will remain in your wardrobe for several years

This model is without button on the wrist.


Saoudi Luxury

A Saudi thobe is a traditional men’s garment worn in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.

It is a long, loose-fitting thobe that is typically made of lightweight cotton or synthetic fabric. This Thobe luxury Saoudi is made of higher-quality materials from Japan. The inside pocket as well as the sleek design gives a real refined side to this luxury thobe Saoudi .

They are often worn on special occasions such as weddings and religious holidays.

What is the difference with the classic Saoudi thobe ?

The answer is in one word, the fabric !

Indeed we have chosen to offer you a model sewn in a very good quality fabric from Japan. This in order to make you discover the most qualitative fabrics of the United Arab Emirates.

Why Japanese fabrics are the best ?

Thobe fabrics from Japan are considered among the best due to the quality of the fibers used and the manufacturing process. Japanese textile mills have a long history of producing high-quality fabrics, and they are known for their attention to detail and precision. They use high-quality fibers like cotton and linen, and have developed advanced techniques for spinning, weaving, and dyeing.

One of the reasons that Japanese fabrics are considered among the best is that they use long-staple fibers, which results in a smoother, stronger, and more durable fabric. Additionally, many Japanese mills use natural dyes, which are less harsh on the environment and can produce beautiful, rich colors.

Another reason is that Japan has a long-standing culture of craftsmanship, where textile production is considered as an art form that passed down from generations to generations. The Japanese textile mills also have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that the fabrics they produce meet high standards.


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