Bakhoor Burner Black G3


Crafted with precision, this bakhoor burner is perfect for you interior.

Durable and stylish, it adds a touch of cultural charm to any space, creating a tranquil ambiance for relaxation.

The Charcoal Bakhoor Burner comes with a second accessory for storing bakhoor.

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The Charcoal Bakhoor Burner is an exquisite fusion of functionality and elegance. Crafted with precision, this ornate incense burner provides a captivating experience for aromatherapy enthusiasts. Its intricate design showcases traditional craftsmanship, featuring delicate patterns that dance in the glow of burning bakhoor. The burner’s durable construction ensures a safe and efficient incense diffusion. Perfect for creating a tranquil ambiance in any space, it seamlessly blends cultural charm with modern sensibility. Elevate your sensory journey with this stylish Charcoal Bakhoor Burner, adding an enchanting touch to rituals and relaxation.

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