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Qatar attracts a large number of foreign visitors every year. As a result, the question of language often arises. Knowing the language spoken in the country can facilitate exchanges and allow for a deeper immersion in the local culture.

Which language do they speak in Qatar ?

In Qatar, the language spoken is Arabic. In the country, it is the most common and official language. It is used in all official documents, media and public speeches.

Official languages in Qatar

In addition to Arabic, several other languages are spoken in Qatar. The first is the English language. It is an important language in Qatar. It is used as the language of business and international communication. English is also spoken in schools, universities and the media.

French is also an official language of Qatar, although its use is more limited than Arabic and English. This recognition of French as an official language is linked to the close diplomatic relations between France and Qatar.

Other languages spoken

In addition to foreign languages, there are several others that are used. Amongst the most widespread, you can find Hindi. These are closely related Indo-Aryan languages. Their main differences are found in the scripts and pronunciation. They are spoken by many workers from India and Pakistan.

Bengali, another Indo-Aryan language, is spoken by workers from Bangladesh. Tagalog is a Filipino language, also called Filipino. It is spoken by many Filipino workers in Qatar, as well as in other Gulf countries.

The role of languages in Qatari society

In Qatar, the promotion of Arabic, the national language, is an important aspect of language policy. However, English is also an important language because of its status as the international language of business and diplomacy.

Multilingualism is a reality in everyday practice in Qatar. This is particularly noticeable in the major cities where expatriates make up a large proportion of the population. As a result, many foreign languages including Nepali, Sinhalese and Tamil are spoken. Linguistic diversity is seen as a cultural and linguistic asset.

Language is a key element of Qatar’s national identity and culture. It plays an important role in promoting the country’s cultural values. The Qatari government has even put in place initiatives to strengthen the Arabic language and encourage non-Arabic speakers to learn it.

Qatar is an example of linguistic diversity that thrives on the interaction between different languages and cultures. The future of the language in this country therefore looks promising, with prospects for the development of both Arabic and the other languages present in the country.

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